"Everything I am experiencing reflects myself."


Mars School of Life is an online educational forum where we celebrate life,  learn about life and prepare for life through education on various aspects of life. This is the Learning Academy for Restore You Consulting and Coaching LLC.
Our world and environment are constantly changing, because of this we individually must be constantly upgrading our education to tackle life situations in order be successful in life.
Technology is changing rapidly along with methods of working. Having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the many challenges of everyday life.
The dramatic changes in our environment and global economies over the last past five years coupled with the transformation in technology has been impacting our education, the workplace and our home life.
To cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life, we need new life skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration. Stress, frustration, and anxiety is taking its toll on many people today thus making them unable to properly cope with the many challenges of life. 
The benefits of learning life skills are numerous. It benefits the individual personally, professional, and societally, here are a few benefits:

Finding new ways of thinking and problem solving

  • Helps individual to make better decisions and analyses the impact their decisions can take on their life so they can take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others
  • Build confidence and a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation for others
  • Help with the management of stress and the ability to cope when changes in our familiar routines happens
  • Renews our mindset and puts us in a better position to mentally deal with the challenges of life


Things that make our students appreciate us, which make us proud of what we do!
We offer quality, reliable, professional, and expeditious services at all times.
Total availability, quoting, enrollment, and reporting
Access to one-on-one consultation, questions and course explanations.
We can help you set up and manage your learning experience individually or groups.

Meet Our CEO-Founder

The big question I asked myself: What is Life, how should I live it?
Life can get so complicated that you may want to sometimes run away from it all, the truth is there is no way to run and no way to hide – life just will happen. So, I set out on a quest to learn life; reading and studying any material I could get my hand on about life.
Through trials and errors I have been able to navigate my ways through life sometimes winning sometimes losing, but definitely learning in the process. When I finally learned the lessons of life after many years of reading and researching that help me to overcome the challenges that I was facing it was like receiving the greatest gift ever.
My life became to shift from unhappiness and became far more meaningful and fulfilling, and I enjoyed more appreciation for life as well as better overall health and wellness. You can experience this also, it is certainly within your reach.
At Mars School of Life we try our best to find answers to the questions you may have about your life challenges – answers that will actually help you overcome any limitations that are keeping you from achieving your goals and living the life that you had always desired to live.
 We make learning simple and affordable!
Marilyn Mars - CEO, Master Life Coach/Instructor

There is no life situation too big to re-imagine!

What could be holding you back today? 

“Every day – like a student at their first class – I prepare my mind like a blank slate for the day to write upon.”
We are aware that life challenges may have dramatic influences on you being able to live a happy and fulfilling life. This is not only in your personal life, but the effects are also will be felt in our professional life. 
Our mission at Mars School of Life is to help you overcome your obstacles and turn them into opportunities so that you can enjoy a purposeful, healthier and more productive life that your deserve. 
With this in mind we have created courses and articles on life skills in a wide range of areas which will help to bring about transformation in your life.
Our articles will inspire and our courses will give you the ammunition to tackle life challenges and limitation head on so that you can enjoy the life that you were always wishing to experience. You can re-decide who you are, or who you would like to become starting today.
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